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Monday, January 25, 2010

J-Fest Photos

After a two year hiatus J-Fest, a one day only "mini convention", celebrating local anime fandom and popular culture made its return. Run by Anime Evolution and sponsored in part by Glico and it was held at Douglas College's New Westminster campus on January 23 2010. Highlights of this year J-Fest Included an Aritst's Alley, cosplay tutorials, video gaming and panels related to Japanese culture and anime fandom.

J-Fest originated in 2001 from the desire to run a smaller more intimate convention focused on anime and Asian culture. It was conceived by the now defunct Vancouver Japanese Animation Society (VJAS) along with a hand full of other volunteers from various clubs. This one off festival was run in conjunction with the National Nikkei Heritage Centre (NNHC) and was a success. However after this first run the NNHC decided to change its direction in dealing with the Japanese community and J-Fest was not run until years later when executives in Anime Evolution and members from VJAS decided to revive it under AE's direction.

J-Fest has now evolved into a convention that brings the lower mainland's anime community together in an intimate setting. With an estimated 450 people attending this year it made a successful return and marks the beginning of the 2010 Anime Evolution convention year.

For more information on J-Fest see the AE forums thread on J-Fest.

Previously known as Kei Kon, Tsukino-Con is a convention that is going to be held in Victoria.

Douglas College was the chosen location to hold this year's J-Fest.

J-Fest staff getting things into motion.

A view of the empty AMV/Panel room before the convention.
Empty now but will be filled with many people later.

The games room.

Artists setting up their artworks, tables, and relaxing while waiting for everything to start.

The building lineup for registration.
A lot of people showed which was unbelievable as we did not expect such a huge turn out.

The line up grows...

The DS was an asset for the wait.

The line extends outwards.


The registration desk were busy in the first couple hours of J-Fest. The line up in the picture is smaller than what they seem.

The Artist Alley.

Professor Whovianart selling his unique pieces of craftsmanship.

The Sewing Room...

Planning the class. It seems easy but sometimes hard to do.
Go Shamera!

Rifa talking about how she made this fabric look worn down.

Stay on target... STAY ON TARGET!!

Concentration is always needed. Time to put on the serious face!

The AMV Room.

Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.

The Wig Making Panel, hosted by Twinfools and VandorWolf.

No heads were amputated in the making of the panel.

The Games Room.

The Beyblade Arsenal

Caution! Lens impact in 5, 4, 3...

The Otaku Collective.

The Lecture Room.


The J-Fest Rave Party.

Just kidding. There wasn't one. But doesn't it look awesome? Lights flashing, things get the point.

And that concludes J-Fest!
Thank You to all those who helped and attended. J-Fest would have not happened with out you.
Hope to see you all next year! And many years to come. It was a blast!

Alex Ing, Austin Jeng, Keith Ng

Ketsivaun Keith Ng

Alex Ing

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